Doha to Host Decade’s Richest Heavyweight Boxing Showdown

Epic Event Will Surpass All Previous Payout Records in the History of Boxing.

Quantum Sports & Media (QSM World), a global sports and media entertainment corporation, today announced its intent to organize a boxing heavyweight showdown in Doha, Qatar with the richest boxing night in sports history. The fight will feature two megastars (from US & the UK) of the boxing industry.

“This event will rock the Middle East’s sports industry, surpassing any sporting event in a single night in the world,” said Dawood KHAN, Chairman of the Group. “We are creating an epic event that will be remembered by the generations to come, an event that will make its mark on sports history.” He added, “We are contractually obligated not to disclose the names of fighters until formal confirmations from the government of the host city, but I can confirm that boxers have started training and are quite excited for this bout that itself will be history in the making.”

Red Carpets will be rolled out for the extravaganza, with an entourage of stars that will come to witness the night. You will see Doha for what it’s best known for, opening up their purses to host sporting events, that will see A-Listers from Hollywood and across the world—performing and entertaining that will rock the city of Doha for a week leading up to the night of the main event.

“There is no doubt that Middle East is becoming the hub of sports events and Doha is Mecca of that hub,” said KHAN. “It’s no surprise to me why boxing is stirring into the center stage of media for the past few weeks like never before, it’s because everyone knows and wants to be part of this MEGA and historic event.”

“We will create an event that will be epic and remembered like the ‘Thrilla in Manila,’ or ‘The Rumble In The Jungle’ or other epic boxing confrontations,” wrote one of the managers of the fighters.

At the moment, two of Middle East’s countries continued to flex a massive wallet as the region pursues numerous mega sporting events that are being discussed or are lined in for the future. According to KHAN, “For us, it should happen in Doha and if there’s a way to do it we’ll do it. But we are being offered quite lucrative propositions from the neighbors as well and if Qatar decides otherwise, we have an offer in hand and will move forward quickly but this bout night will happen, and the world will remember it as one of the largest fights of the history.”

Source: MENAFN